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Best 10 High-Tech Gadgets for Home Improvement Projects

Innovation continues to make life easier-- from entertainment to preparing dinner and even for house improvement tasks. find out the cost The following is a list of 10 state-of-the-art home enhancement devices that will save you time and make life easier.

Digital Torque Wrench: Great for plumbing house improvements, this device displays the torque on a large digital screen enabling you to check out the amount of torque more easily. Typical rate: A digital torque wrench can be bought from $100 as much as $1,500.
Laser Leveler: Works like a regular wall leveler, however with a technological addition of a laser that runs along the wall to give you a visual straight line. It's a perfect gizmo for hanging pictures. Typical price: Everyday "around your home" laser levelers cost around $30.

Electronic Stud Finder: Finding wall studs to bear the load is required for hanging anything heavy on the wall. Electronic stud finders detect studs covered in the drywall in a much quicker and reliable way than the old "tap the wall" test. Average price: Electronic stud finders range in cost from $20 to $70.

Shop Vac Toolbox: This tool kit has a tiny Shop Vac installed to the top that doesn't add much weight or bulk to the system. Clean-up is quicker and easier as opposed to dragging a trashcan size Shop Vac into the work space. Average cost: The Shop Vac tool kit costs $70.

Laser Measuring Tape: This measuring tape utilizes a laser that measures the distance in between walls removing the need to anchor one end of the measuring tape down while dragging the measuring tape across the space. Typical rate: The laser tape measure runs between $40 and $60.

Electricity Meter: Measuring electrical output needs an electrical energy meter. This tool is not only a modern device, it's mandatory for electrical house improvements. Average price: Electricity meters differ in price but start at $25.

Snake Light: When you need light for a hard to reach area, a snake light is simply would the device for the task. Snake lights are versatile flashlights that can steer into difficult to reach places to give you light. Average rate: You can find strong resilient snake lights for $20.

Electric Screwdriver: Electric screwdrivers do all the twisting of the screw while the deal with still stays in your hand. Average rate: Electric screwdrivers begin at $20.

Magnetic Tool Belt: A dropped tool can trigger injury or at extremely least hassle. Increase the security of your tools by holstering them with a magnetic tool belt. Average price: Magnetic tool belts can be purchased for $40.

LED Finger Lights: Working in a dark location typically requires 2 hands, one to utilize the tool and the other to hold the flashlight. With a LED finger light, you can get all the light you need from one of the fingers on the same hand you are utilizing to work your tool freeing up your other hand. Typical price: LED finger lights only cost $3.
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